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Welcome! You have reached the website of St. Michael the Archangel Catholic Church in South Glens Falls, NY.


From 1954 -- when, in a converted storefront building, St. Michael the Archangel had its initial start -- to today, the people of St. Michael the Archangel parish have worked and worshipped together for the greater glory of God for over half a century.


Our parish is a vibrant, faith-filled community that continues to proudly work to live out and joyfully spread the Word of God. We are a relatively young parish in the 165-year-old Diocese of Albany, NY, yet we are blessed with a tremendous legacy of love instilled by all those who have gone before us and who were motivated by a desire to practice the Faith and live the message of the Gospel in their own parish Church.


Their example of dedication has helped us to grow into an enthusiastic, caring and committed family of Faith that welcomes all with open arms who wish to worship with us here. Feel free to visit the various pages of our website for more information about our community.


May the Lord bless you.

Latest Parish News and Updates



Just a quick note to let everyone know that due to the severe winter storm, the 5:30 PM Mass is cancelled tonight, February 12.   Please be safe and take care.  God Bless.



just a quick note to let all in the parish know, that after consulting with Mr. Gorman, we have decided, out of an abundance of caution, to CANCEL all Faith Formation sessions scheduled for Sunday, February 12.  There will be NO Faith Formation THIS Sunday.   Mr. Gorman will send out further information as to any make up sessions, etc. during the week.   Please stay safe during this winter storm!    Please share this with any you may know in our Faith Formation program.

—Father Tony



St. Michael’s will be hosting our annual Marathon Breakfast on Sunday February 26 from 8:30 am until 11:30 am.    All proceeds will benefit the South High Marathon Dance.   This year, we will also have gluten free choices, including bread, pancakes and other breakfast items.   

NOTE:  donations and volunteers are needed to ensure that the Marathon Breakfast is a great success again this year!   There is a sign-up poster(s) on the wall inside the school entrance.   Please sign up to indicate what you can donate and/or if you can volunteer some time to help during the Marathon Breakfast.   

Be sure to invite all your friends and neighbors to join us for the annual Marathon Breakfast this year!  It is always the biggest event in our parish.   

visit www.shmd.org for more information about the Marathon Dance.



NOTE: this message is in regard to Sunday Masses here at St. Michael’s for tomorrow – Sunday, February 12. 

 The weather forecast is calling for a severe winter storm tomorrow, to begin in the mid to late morning.   Of course, I wish God would have checked with me first about the timing of the storm, as it is not the best time of day to have up to a foot of snow fall and keep people from getting to Mass! Uggghhh! However, in regard to the snow storm, I want to urge everyone who plans to attend Mass on Sunday, to please use your best judgement and prudence when deciding to try to come to church, especially with inclement weather and the major snow fall, such as is being predicted.   People’s safety is of utmost importance.   Please use your best judgement for Mass- either coming to or going home from church.  

Also, be sure to watch the weather reports on TV or online at www.weather.com for the latest updates on the storm.   Neither God nor I want anyone to risk their lives or their safety or that of others due to the snow.   Please be careful and don’t take any needless risks.   

Diocesan Ministry: Divorce Support and Healing


Winter can be a very lonely time for those who have experienced the end of a marriage. There are two opportunities for support and healing. One is meeting at the Pastoral Center in Albany, one is at St. Pius Parish in Loudonville.   The group meets Tuesdays, starting February 7th from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm at the Diocesan Pastoral Center at 40 North Main St. in Albany.

A second group meets every other Tuesday at 6:30 pm in the St. Pius X Parish Center in Loudonville.

Facilitated by a LCSW experienced in family counseling and a family law attorney, the program’s objective is to help gain insight into and heal from the emotional challenges of loss, anger, guilt, fear and loneliness.  Participants share insights, learn coping mechanisms, feel the support of others, and renew their faith.  For more information and registration please contact mary.fay@rcda.org or call 453-6644

Every Second Sunday is Food for Families Collection Day


The second Sunday of each month is designated as Food for Families Sunday.

This is a very important event, since the K of C is attempting to collect as much food as they can so they can reach their goal. For every 1,000 pounds
of food collected they will get a rebate from the Supreme office for $100.

For the fraternal year ending June 30, 2015, we will be getting a rebate of $300 which we will in turn give to the Moreau Community Center.
Please bring food at any time, but especially on the second Sunday of the month so we can reach our goal.

Thank you for your generosity.