Blessing of Easter Foods And Baskets

In earlier times; centuries ago, meats and dairy products were excluded from people’s regular diet during Lent (thus the origin of fast and abstinence from meat). As the end of the rigorous Lenten fast quickly approached, people showed their joy and gratitude to almighty God by taking some of their food for the Easter feast to church for a special blessing offered by the priest on Holy Saturday. They then reserved it for eating following Easter Mass.

As we celebrate the Easter feast of new life, we bless the food which sustains our physical life and our whole being. We express our joy and gratitude for the food which nourishes us.

Here at St. Michael’s, we celebrate this tradition on Holy Saturday April 20, at 12:00 Noon in church. Some typical foods you may wish to include to be blessed are Easter meats, breads, dairy foods, eggs, cakes, pastries and any other foods used for your Easter Celebration.

*Please be sure all foods are wrapped or sealed! *

Please call the parish office with any questions